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Mindset, Motivations and Mindful Eating

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Mindset, Motivations and Mindful Eating

I reject the quick-fix diet mentality.

I reject it on so many levels. In the spirit of clear-sightedness, I reject it because people have been deceived and dis-informed  into believing that diets and calorie restriction, the quick fix and counting each and every scrap we consume is the answer.

I used to count calories (CC). But I always found it to be a battle between stomach and calculator. Turning food into mathematics just didn’t seem right. And I always felt restricted. So, I stopped doing it for myself and advised likewise for clients.

It dawned on me (another eureka moment) …

If CC worked, diets would work and the western world wouldn’t have an overweight /  obesity problem. But we do. And it’s getting bigger.

Diets make people unhappy. Having a good relationship with food is what its all about. It’s not healthy to analyse every morsel we eat.

Better to …

Think about what kind of calories you’re eating rather than how many. You don’t have to go hungry or do complex additions and subtractions. At the end of the day we need to find a way of eating that we can stick with for good. This avoids the number one problem with CC…

…like moths to light, we return to our old ways. And that means the weight invariably returns after the dietary restriction ends.

So, if you really want freedom from the CC, the hunger and all the negativity that goes with dieting then consider  my approach.

Working together we’ll transform your attitude, and decide what manageable, smart and sustainable changes you need to make to best suit you.

You’ll learn how to..

  • modify / change habits
  • develop mindful eating awareness
  • overcome poor self-image
  • and sustain the motivation to lose weight and look and feel terrific.

A strong positive attitude will create more change than any fad or wonder drug.

Positive attitude: The key is inside your head


Dietary Counselling

Once your head is the right place, your body will follow..

And then you’re ready to make good food choices. I will direct and assist you with your nutrition selections. We’ll discuss your regular eating, agree upon where changes should be made and if supplementation is required. A radical overhaul rarely works. Too many changes is too overwhelming and challenging for most. For that reason, I’m wary of eating plans. Maybe they’ll work for a week or two but they’re rarely followed long term. Things crop up and life gets in the way. Also, thinking that you can only eat “this way” is both boring and unfulfilling. It’s much better to be in touch with your lifestyle, eating habits, attitudes, beliefs and your hunger and fullness signals. At the end of the day, you know what foods work for you and your likes and dislikes better than anyone else.


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