“I now have been training with Dane at TOTALFIGHTER fit FOR 3 months and loving it. Not only have I lost 5 kilos I am also enjoying the self defence as well. The time and effort Dane puts into each class he trains you is outstanding. I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking doing … Continue reading Vance


“As a beginner I was hesitant to start up one-on-one personal training but I look forward to my boxing sessions with Dane. The training is at a comfortable pace and is built around your abilities so you can progress as your fitness improves. Dane also takes the time to sharpen your technique and build strength.” … Continue reading Jess


“Such a fun and effective way to build strength and coordination! Years of cardio training had left me bored and suffering a bad back. Just a few sessions with Dane and I can feel my strength and stamina improve. So important as we get older! Will be sticking with this one!” Tina, 50, Drummoyne Brand … Continue reading Tina


“The training is really great for my fitness and co-ordination but what I really like is the way it clears your mind and reduces stress. You really need to concentrate, focus and relax all at once. I always leave training feeling calm and satisfied. And a bit sweaty!” Matt, 50, Wollongong Southpaw Matt was a … Continue reading Matt


“The training with Dane is tough but I want it that way. I need someone to push me. And he does. He’s a punisher! What I especially like is how he varies the sessions so it’s never an exact repeat of last time. Each session is built around boxing and Muay Thai and that is … Continue reading Jamie


“I joined TOTALFIGHTER fit to get myself into shape and improve my strength and stamina.  I have never boxed before and Dane delivers the content in an easy to digest and clear manner which makes it enjoyable and allows me to feel comfortable. His style is firm and yet gentle to ensure that I develop … Continue reading Josh


For more testimonials / reviews please go to https://www.facebook.com/pg/totalfighterfit/reviews


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