“I now have been training with Dane at TOTALFIGHTER fit FOR 3 months and loving it. Not only have I lost 5 kilos I am also enjoying the self defence as well. The time and effort Dane puts into each class he trains you is outstanding. I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking doing some training to get in contact with Dane. You won’t regret it.” Vance, 47, Shellharbour

Vance’s gloves first made firm contact with TOTALFIGHTER focus pads a little over 3 months ago. Heavy on his feet, a solid man with shoulders like a truck, the 47 years “youngster” wished to work on his co-ordination and technique but more importantly, he wanted to lose a few kilograms. With a family history of diabetes he’s taking proactive steps to avoid walking down that dangerous road. 5 kilograms less later, significantly lighter on his feet and quicker in movement, and now possessing mean uppercuts, both left and right, delighted with his progress, we’re looking to up the intensity and slowly incorporate elbow and knees – Muay Thai style – into his striking repertoire. I call Vance, the hard puncher of Shellharbour!