“Such a fun and effective way to build strength and coordination! Years of cardio training had left me bored and suffering a bad back. Just a few sessions with Dane and I can feel my strength and stamina improve. So important as we get older! Will be sticking with this one!” Tina, 50, Drummoyne

Brand new to fight-style training, slight of frame and slender build, Tina’s strength and co-ordination needed work. 50 years young, having participated in a variety of aerobics and pump classes over many years, Tina was looking for a change in direction to the business-as-usual fitness. Additionally, as a mature-age mother, she wanted to build strength to help with the lifting demands of caring for her 3-year old son. Only a couple of weeks of TOTALFIGHTER sessions and already she’s growing with each 3 and sometimes 4 minute round! Tina is proof that fight-style training is for women too! Irrespective of age 🙂