“I joined TOTALFIGHTER fit to get myself into shape and improve my strength and stamina.  I have never boxed before and Dane delivers the content in an easy to digest and clear manner which makes it enjoyable and allows me to feel comfortable. His style is firm and yet gentle to ensure that I develop the correct technique. He gradually teaches new moves so that you are constantly learning and developing without being overloaded with information. Although I have only been attending for 6 weeks, I feel stronger and more confident in the art of self defence. My fitness has improved and although Dane is gentle and affirming in his approach to teaching, he always pushed me to my limits and squeezes the best out of me. Currently a barista and guitar player, my wrists are tender to RSI. Dane has worked with me and adopted his training to accommodate my condition. Due to my injury, he has veered away from boxing and incorporated elbows, knees and kicking to lesson the injury whilst keeping me active and learning. He has guided me to a lower impact boxing approach in which I still practice and work on form without hard connection which has really assisted in my recovery. If you’re looking for a fun way to get fit and strong, and learn some practical life lessons along the way, TOTALFIGHTER fit is the way to go.” Josh, 26, Woonona

A barista, singer-songwriter and budding primary school teacher, 26 year-old Josh came to TOTALFIGHTER to improve his self-defence, strength and endurance. Tendinitis in his right wrist (a legacy of RSI from countless coffees and guitar playing), forced us to do things a little differently. Nursing the injury, when throwing a right cross or right uppercut, Josh is coached to slow down the movement and reduce the force, to minimise impact. We’re working technique, technique, technique. Thus when the injury improves, the proper movements are hard wired and ready to go. In the pursuit of cardio and improving endurance, we’ve fast tracked elbow and knee strikes to help take the heat off his wrists. Strength wise, Josh is doing SuperSlow body weight exercises such as push ups and squats in between training rounds. The slowness eliminates momentum, forcing his muscles to do all the work and help make the movement more productive. SuperSlow is also super safe. With its focus on smooth and controlled movements, the risk of injury is minimised. I instruct him not to take refuge in speed. “Slow it down Josh,” I say encouragingly, “Slow it down.” And he does. Josh, the boxing muso, trains hard and understands the importance of training smart 🙂