“As a beginner I was hesitant to start up one-on-one personal training but I look forward to my boxing sessions with Dane. The training is at a comfortable pace and is built around your abilities so you can progress as your fitness improves. Dane also takes the time to sharpen your technique and build strength.” Jess, 27, Bulli.

27 year-old, Jess commenced TOTALFIGHTER fit training approximately 6 weeks ago. Having tried local gyms, Jess wanted a less intimidating and non-judgemental environment to bring out the best in her and maximise the training result. And it was a nervous start. During that first session, apprehensive and a little low on confidence, her punches were timid and “lacking confidence” too. I’m happy to say, that’s no longer the case. In less than 2 months, I’ve watched her confidence and technique soar. Jess’s left jab and 1-2 combination are now good. Very good. And her cardio has improved significantly. Now, we’re working on other punches such as the right uppercut and left rip, and strength development too. From nervous beginnings, good things can happen…  Don’t mess with Jess!