“The training with Dane is tough but I want it that way. I need someone to push me. And he does. He’s a punisher! What I especially like is how he varies the sessions so it’s never an exact repeat of last time. Each session is built around boxing and Muay Thai and that is great for my self-defence. And now we’re doing knees in the clinch which is damn exhausting. Dane even goes that extra step and runs intervals with me in-between boxing rounds. The effort he puts is massively impressive.” Jamie, 40, Tarrawanna

A shift-worker in the local coal mining industry, Jamie developed poor dietary habits, stopped exercising and his weight and girth had subsequently ballooned. We identified the biggest dietary contributors to his weight gain and agreed on lifestyle solutions. Fitness wise, we’ve been combining fight-style training with running and body weight exercises. Levelheaded and non-aggressive, I deliberately pressure him to liberate that inner beast that most of us keep locked away. Then it happens. He goes hard, into overdrive and really pushes it. And then we get the desired training effect. We’re still in the infancy of training, but progress is happening. Success doesn’t happen overnight, I emphasise to Jamie “the Tarrawanninan Devil”. We need to respect time. Slow and steady wins the race.