Tai Chi Stress Therapy

Tai Chi Stress Therapy

Ever wondered about the stress therapy benefits of Tai Chi? If so, please read on.  

Getting to Know Your Breath Better

It’s probably only when you’re running out of it that you’d think about it. We can do it 25,000 times a day and most of us rarely give it a passing thought. Breathing. Of course, it’s fundamental to life but as we age and poor habits and life stresses tighten their grip, our breathing tends to become increasingly shallow and dysfunctional.

When done properly (watch a baby breathe.. it’s all tummy), it really can induce a sense of calmness and lower stress.

Stress Therapy: Tai Chi teaches you Proper Breathing


Unfortunately, most of us just don’t it right.

Not Stress therapy or Tai Chi: Man breathing wrong… Constant state of stress!

As the clock ticks and the years pass, it seems we increasingly forget to breathe properly.

  • Poor postural habits such as slouching in front of a computer
  • Restrictive clothing and sucking that gut in for the sake of tight clothing
  • Emotionally stressful lives and lack of exercise
  • The belief that faster-is-better.. we impose speed on so many aspects in our life driving faster, moving faster, eating faster, talking faster etc

… all of the above take our breath away. Consequently, we only use a fraction of our lungs to bring air in.

Breathing deep down from within your abdomen or belly can help undo the tight corset of stress, increase oxygenation and bring calmness; a calm mind has clarity. And clarity of thought is so precious in an urban life that for many of us can be a blur.

The endless rush. In this age of the computer and pressures to speed up, to beat the clock and trying to do everything at software speed, belly or proper breathing can help you feel less hurried and comfortable with slowness. And I think most of us need a dose of deceleration to help restore balance. Not everything needs to be done quickly. It’s okay to be slow.

Take Your Time: Tai Chi to De-stress and Decelerate

A yin to the yang of my hyper-energetic fight-style training sessions, I offer Tai Chi (a combination of basic breathing exercises and static poses) that is often conducted at the end of a session and works incredibly well as a cool down and slow down.

Stress Therapy: Relaxed Post Tai Chi

You will connect with your breath and muscles. Not only will you feel incredibly calm afterwards and possibly experience a stronger connection to self but you’ll have the know-how to practice proper or belly breathing when confronted with stressful situations or if anxiety comes knocking.

When so much of today is fast-paced and chaotic and so many of us are speed-ravaged, applying the brakes every now and then, and catching our breath, can be just the tonic we need.

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