Strength Training and Conditioning

Strength Training and Conditioning

For those wanting complete and balanced fitness development, strength training and conditioning needs attention. And here’s how we do it. Mixing in additional training tools such as kettlebells and bodyweight conditioning exercises, can improve your overall fitness and wellbeing significantly.

The Perfect Pairing: Bells and Bodyweight 

You can build strength and muscular endurance using a combination of kettlebell training and classic bodyweight strength movements to really get your muscles aching and lungs busting. And this can be done during or after a session of fight fitness training.

Basic strength movements include squats, pushups, planks, tricep dips, lunges, frog jumps etc The list really is numerous.

In the name of simplicity, when it comes to improving heart and lung health, developing strength and athleticism and full body toning, here’s all you need…

  • a couple of bells
  • your body
  • a few feet of floor space.
  • oh, a little mental grit helps too!
Hit the Pads, Swing the bells, Fatigue the muscles, Work the lungs:

Creative combos at work. So, if you’re really looking to push your body into the zone of maximum fatigue and smash through the calories, combining the boxing focus mitts and/or Thai pads with the Kettle bells and bodyweight training will do that big time. Happy training!





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