Muay Thai


Want kick-ass cardio and learn to use your body as weapon? Muay Thai.

Muay Thai is  my core cardio, total-body conditioning and weight loss discipline.

Commonly called Thai boxing, this powerful and direct fighting style dates back hundreds of years. Often referred to as the art or science of 8 limbs, a boxer has two fists to defend and attack, a Muay Thai proponent has that x 4.

A Muay Thai fighter makes use of:

  • his/her fists
  • elbows
  • shins
  • and knees to strike

Versatile and dynamic, exciting and brutal, so many muscles are actioned. With the variety of kicks, punches, elbows and knees drills used, every strike will be raising your heart rate and engaging different parts of your body and the defensive movements are muscle tensing so you’ll be working and strengthening your body there too. Perfect for losing body fat and gaining serious fitness.

In one word. Awesome.



The weak are made strong

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