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Haven’t found time to exercise in months? Out of shape? Struggling with your weight? Bored and need to refresh your fitness routine? Lacking confidence? Stressed?

TOTALFIGHTER fit understands these issues and is about solutions.


Colossal Concerns: Diabetes and Heart Disease

Exercise: The Miracle Pill

Time Poverty

Dieting Can Damage Your Health

Overstressed? Yin and Yang Solutions 


Colossal Concerns

Health wise, one of our biggest problems is we don’t use our body enough. Cocooned and “caged” we’re more sedentary than ever before. And that’s life-threatening.

frog caged
Caged and Inactive

We’re sitting more, pumping more food into our ever-expanding bellies and all that happens is we’re caking the walls of our abdomen with more and more harmful fat. And that can mean a ton of damage. Belly-strangling fat can suffocate the life out of us and if you ignore it, the chances are you will, in time, pay a price…

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Exercise: The Miracle Pill

If a miracle pill existed that could help protect you from a host of killer illnesses AND elevate your mood… all with very few side effects would you be interested?  Of course you would. One more clue. It’s the most underutilised anti-depressant…

Movement, exercise, physical activity, call it what you will. If you could swallow it, everyone would do so. It’s that good. It really is medication.

Exercise is Medicinal


Time Poverty

Overloaded? Busy? Jam-packed schedules? Rushing to get things done? No matter how fast you go there never seems to be enough time?

Man overloaded with life

For those that resonate with the above and are time poor, you may not have the necessary minutes or hours to commit to your health. Consistently pounding the pavement, swim lap after lap or fight the masses and do the gym commute may not be an option.

What’s the answer? How can you get the best fitness and weight loss benefits in the shortest possible time?

High Intensity Interval Training.

Dieting Can Damage Your Health

Our quick-fix culture can be damaging. If you’ve dieted and failed and dieted and failed and dieted and failed, you’re not alone. Diets fail everyone. They fail on many levels…

Diets take away our energy, self-esteem and health.

Dietary restriction create an empty feeling that will eventually lead to cravings, and guess what, cravings usually mean a binge or overeating session is not too far away. And then we can fall back into the trap of dietary restriction and so the cycle perpetuates.

If you’re a calorie counter, think hard about how you’re feeling right now. Hungry? Frustrated? Empty?

Think hard about changing your approach. Think hard about ditching the calorie counting for good. The evidence is out there and overwhelming.

Why diets don’t work.


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If you’re ready to let go of the calorie counter and lose weight without dieting and going hungry, I can help.

With my triple M approach – mindset, motivation(s) and mindful eating – we’ll work together and aim to re-position you from someone who can’t lose weight long-term to someone who can.

Overstressed? Yin and Yang Solutions 

In a rush? Pressures of work? Head overloaded with thoughts? Too many things coming at you too fast? A life over-scheduled for maximum efficiency. The chaos of it all!

Our high-speed, high-stress urban living has its drawbacks. Living life in the fast lane and going full-throttle and “doing” all the time can wind us up so tight that even the slightest delay; a red light, waiting-on-hold phone call or stuck in a bank queue during lunch break can have us raging inside with “hurry-up” thoughts and trigger an unravelling of impatient behaviour and perhaps aggression. If you’re overstressed and feel overextended, you’re not alone. Australians are stressing more than ever. What can we do about it? How can we down-size from turbulence to tranquillity and release and unravel ourselves?

Yin and Yang

  • the fast and the slow
  • the dynamic and the static
  • the high-energy movements and the slow pleasure of the motionless state of relaxation

Complementary and contrasting, allow my Get Fit Fast Fight-Style and Basic Breathing services to be your starting points for change…


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Never lose. You learn and gain serious fitness.

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