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Are you a Dietitian, Movement trainer, Personal trainer?


I’ve never boxed before? Am I too unfit, too uncoordinated, too old to do your fight-style training?

Is Fight-style training only for the boys?

Exercise or Nutrition: which is the most important for weight loss?

Will you put me on a strict diet for weight loss?

Nutrition supplements? Yes or no?

Which is the most effective fighting style?

Are you based in two locations? Wollongong and Sydney?


Are you a Dietitian, Movement trainer, Personal trainer?

I’m a dietitian, having studied at The University of Wollongong, who specialises in Weight Loss.

Additionally, I classify myself as a movement trainer rather than a personal trainer. Having an undergraduate joint major in Human Movement and Nutrition from the University of Wollongong, complemented with significant hands-on training experience in a variety of physical disciplines including boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I believe the title movement trainer is a better fit for my background.


Private Health Insurance

Rebates may be available from private health funds and if available, they will vary depending on your level of cover. The best way to find out if and how much rebate you are entitled is to check with your private health fund directly.

HICAPS (health industry claims and payments service)

Not available at present.

As such, on-the-spot health fund rebates are not yet available.

The client will claim using an invoice provided by health professional.


Rebates may be available from Medicare for clients with chronic illness (such as type 2 diabetes) and other medical conditions that are eligible for a Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMN) formerly known as Enhanced Primary Care Plan. Generally, to qualify you must be suffering from a condition that has been present or is likely to be present for at least 6 months. Please check with your GP to see if you qualify.

If you do qualify you may be entitled to a Medicare rebate of $52.95 per visit for 5 visits per year. The client will claim using an invoice provided by health professional.

NB. Private health insurance benefits and Medicare rebate cannot both be claimed for the same amount. If you are eligible for both, you must choose which rebate to claim.

I’ve never boxed before? Am I too unfit, too uncoordinated, too old to do your fight-style training?

TOTALFIGHTER fit is for all fitness, abilities and coordination levels and ages. We’ll start at a pace that is comfortable for you and progress. I won’t push you beyond your limits or expose you to unnecessary pressure.

Training with purpose is not about making you uncomfortable. Quite the contrary. It’s to provide comfort in the form of developing your confidence and the lack of pressure will help make it fun too. If you feel gawky and, uncoordinated and all-limbs with little finesse don’t be concerned. We all have to start somewhere. The most important thing, and I know it’s a cliché, is to have a go.

Your fitness and skills WILL develop.

And take note, it really is okay (and recommended) to learn as we age. The therapeutic benefits are worth every bit of apprehension, anxiety or even fear of embarrassment you may have.

Personal trainers can self-embarass  too! Just ask Brad

Okay, back to reality. Moving on…

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Is Fight-style training only for the boys?

I give you a name… Ronda Rousey. Sure, she was on the receiving end of a beating or two but at one time she was one of the more popular athletes in the United Fighting Championship (UFC) (the world’s number one Mixed Martial Arts competition).  Mixed Martial  Arts was once the sole domain of the male but no longer.

Stepping outside the cage (or the ring) and away from the high-end of the combat sports, more and more women are participating in boxing and the like.  Once purely, the domain of the male, boxing and kick-boxing workouts are now enthusiastically embraced across the feminine gym landscape. Even Vogue magazine is espousing the hit-and-kick way to fitness.

Exercise or Nutrition: which is the most important for weight loss?

Exercise is one of the best things we can do for our health. It lifts your mood, relieves stress and is great for your heart health.

Purely from a weight loss perspective, experience has taught me that eating takes precedence of moving. We can lose weight without excess exercising if we’re diligent and circumspect with what goes in our mouths but to be your healthiest self and feel fantastic, we need to get sweaty and out of breath. That’s just the way it is. Our body needs to move. It’s designed to move. If it doesn’t, bad things happen and it will atrophy and become useless.

Will you put me on a strict diet for weight loss?

I’m not about putting anyone on a strict or punishing diet. In the first consultation, I’ll find out about you and your situation… your lifestyle, medical history, weight circumference measurement, what you’ve tried in the past, goals etc.  And we’ll progress from there. Ultimately, any changes you need to make must be smart, sensible and sustainable.

Nutrition supplements? Yes or no?

Food always come first. A vitamin or mineral supplement should never replace a healthy diet. However, there are stages or instances where supplementation is integral to optimal health. Know what you need and how much. Do your research.

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Which is the most effective fighting style?

There is no right answer here.

The 3 disciplines that I practice and teach are:

I’ll keep this discussion relatively brief without involving the myriad of others such as karate, wrestling, judo, taekwondo etc.

There are guys and girls who favour one discipline over another and that’s fine. Anyone whose trained for years in a particular discipline is understandably protective of their sport. Each discipline offers something different and all have fantastic self-defence and health benefits, if trained properly. At the end of the day, it’s what you enjoy that’s important and so without going too deep into the well of debate, I’ll briefly touch on each…

Obviously a boxer specialises with his/her fists but boxing is so much more than just hitting people. Often called the “sweet science”, it’s footwork, striking and defensive strategies.

Muay Thai, a combat art born in Thailand, is arguably, the most effective stand-up fighting style. It makes potent use of the 8 limbs…

  • fists
  • elbows
  • knees
  • and shins

to overcome and defeat opponents.

A Muay Thai workout is total body conditioning. From a pure cardio perspective, I favour it because all the major muscle groups are called into action and that means your lungs and heart will be working super hard to oxygenate all of you. If you seek super-cardio and the self-defence powers that go with it, Muay Thai will get you there.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) came into international prominence during the 1990’s when Brazilian proponents of the sport won tournaments against much larger opponents of various fighting styles and disciplines in the United Fighting Championship (UFC).

In a street-fighting situation, solely from a damage-minimisation (to yourself and attacker) perspective , I favour BJJ.

If you close the distance between yourself and an attacker, it is much more difficult for him/her to strike and hurt you with their power. Then it’s possible to overcome the other with grappling techniques designed to fatigue him/her and/or apply a submission or choke with minimum damage to yourself or the attacker.

I train all 3 for variety and balance.

Are you based in two locations? Wollongong and Sydney?

Yes, my locations in Wollongong and Sydney, are specifically Balgownie and Drummoyne. So I service both the Illawarra and greater Drummoyne.

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