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Training Style 

High Intensity Interval Training

Structure: Your Training. Your Choice

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Training Style

Supportive, patient, encouraging… that’s my style. I don’t scream, shout or yell-in-your-face boot camp fashion. I don’t believe in the militarization of exercise or resorting to anger to get your message across. I believe in patience; angers’ antithesis. There’s enough aggression in society without adding it to our workouts. I will…

  • listen
  • educate
  • motivate

The “everyday” exercise experience should be challenging not high-risk or downright absurd…

Moving on…

The pursuit of fitness should be rewarding, “pleasant” (within reason… we have to get slightly out of breath and sweat!) and fun. And a little tough too. I will push you. And when I do, within your limits of course, this helps builds character. Most of us, and you know this to be true, need a nudge to work that little bit harder, and when it’s all over, those feel-good feelings of accomplishment flow big time.

High Intensity Interval Training

If you so choose, we’ll incorporate High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) into your workouts. HIIT combines periods of intense bursts of effort with periods of less intense moves or complete rest in-between.

Intervals: Each training session will compose of intervals (or rounds) and these will commonly vary between 1 and 5 minutes with a rest in-between to allow for recovery. Fluctuating between high and low intensity within each round, will force your heart to work at different levels and mirror the HIIT that I embrace

HIIT doesn’t need to be done daily. Latest research reveals we can attain great fitness benefits in a very short amount of time. So we don’t need to be training for hours upon hours. You can be a casual practitioner (like me) and reap the benefits. That’s a big plus for many of us where life has become a race against the clock.

Structure: Your Training. Your Choice

I need your input here…

What do you want? Pure fitness, all technique or a blend of both?

Pure fitness. Boxercise or fightercise that’s purely focussed on working out with gloves on is all about upping the heart rate with little regard to technique or style. We can do that.

All technique? That’s for the pro fighters. This is not TOTALFIGHTER.

A blend of both: Fitness AND technique? Now we’re really talking.

Here’s the thing... Too much technique and you fail to get a “proper” cardiovascular workout whereas excessive focus on cardio at the expense of technique can lead to injury and a false perception of what is right form. I aim to strike a balance between form and fitness.

Of course, if you’re a novice and have never Fight-Style trained before there’ll be greater attention given to explaining basic technique. And when you improve, and you will, small adjustments to form are often necessary.

Never rushed… I will emphasise that even when your skills progress, the focus pad drills (boxing and Muay Thai) will never be rushed. Yes, we’ll crank up the pace as your fitness grows but please understand even when training at your aerobic maximum, the best exponents remain relaxed as they strike with unhurried pace, precision and poise.

Never boring…with the high variety of moves available in Fight-Style training, the workouts are never quite the same so it’s never ho-hum-here-we-go again. And that’s a big PLUS.

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