Boxing in Wollongong

Become Strong in So Many Ways 

Boxing training is here in Wollongong to teach you the art of the sweet science. From first timers, to fighters and everyone else in-between, training is thorough, professional and always safe. Your safety is paramount.

Training will cover:

  • stance
  • balance
  • footwork
  • punching technique
  • combinations
  • distancing
  • timing
  • pivoting
  • discipline
  • defence (block, slip, parry, roll, trap, pullback, step etc)
  • breathing and relaxing

You’ll build a strong and solid base of boxing skills.

You’ll Gain
  • improved co-ordination and balance
  • improved awareness
  • better fitness
  • enhanced punching power
  • soaring confidence and mental toughness

The drills are varied and changeable to keep it interesting and challenging with additional emphasis on breath control to help you stay relaxed and conserve energy whilst maximising punching power.

Core training is optional for those wanting to improve their core strength. We’ll mix up the exercises, keeping it varied, working on all 3 components of the core viz. the front, sides and lower back.

If You’re a Beginner?

You’ll be trained differently to an experienced practitioner. My beginner approach helps build confidence and develop sound technique, as you learn with the fundamentals of fight stance and footwork. And from there you’ll learn proper form and correct punching technique with the straight arm punches viz. the jab (called the 1 in boxing shorthand speak) and rear hand cross (called the 2).

Basics, basics, basics.

Understanding of basics will facilitate your progress to bent arm punches known as uppercuts and hooks.  Slow progression is real progression. Think of it as a crawl-before-you-can-walk philosophy. 


And the good news is, we can ramp it up with sparring. Sparring is optional for those wanting to test their skills but this will only happen when I’m confident of your fluidity, skill progression and confidence. You won’t be put in a situation that you’re not prepared for. NB. Mouthguards are mandatory for sparring.

Boxing Training Can Transform You

When the flow and awesome power starts to happen in your combinations and punches, that satisfaction and bad ass feeling takes some serious beating. So, whether your motivation is confidence boosting, self-defence or simply a calorie burn and fitness gain, I’ll help you reap the many benefits of boxing as you become strong in so many ways.