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TOTALFIGHTER fit provides a range of services to help you get fit fast, lose weight and de-stress.

Fight Fit and Self Defence

Weight Loss: Dietary Freedom

  • No More Calorie Counting
  • No More Diets
  • Honest Results

Stress Therapy: Forget About Fast and Take a Deep Breath

Fight Fit and Self Defence

With TOTALFIGHTER, you can…

  • find the time to workout because I can come to you
  • feel totally energised and ready for anything
  • be more healthy and confident in yourself
  • attain the lean-and-vibrant look” that you could out-exercise everyone in your workplace
  • train like a fighter without stepping in the ring or cage
  • enjoy your workouts
  • improve your mood

T  training Fight-Style seamlessly lends itself to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Experience the workout of your life as Fight-Style HIIT will have your conditioning soaring at crazy heights before you know it

O  oxygen consumption will rocket

T   total body training burns belly fat like a furnace

A  abandon “baggage”. Leave the work pressures and day’s concerns behind as you challenge your body and mind. Nothing else will matter. Then take pleasure in the calm of completion and the deep sense of satisfaction of “I did it! And I feel fantastic.”

L  learn self-defence skills as you improve speed, power and reaction time, and develop self-belief.

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Weight Loss: Dietary Freedom

No More Calorie Counting       No More Diets

For all the stunning scientific and technological progressions of the age, many of us are stuck in the dark ages of weight loss. We count calories. Surely there has got to be a better way. Food and mathematics just don’t belong together. Isn’t it time we renounced the “rules” and “regulations” of diets?

Honest Results

You can break free of the diet industry shackles, make peace with food and slim down.

Unchained: No More Diets

So, if you’re ready to rethink your strategy, kick the diets and seek direction this is your chance.

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Kicking bad habits

Stress Therapy: Forget About Fast and Take a Deep Breath

Dissolve Stress

Low energy? Bad sex? High-pressured job? Crappy digestion?

There are claims that proper breathing (think expansive belly breathing) is an elixir and can assist in everything from weight control  to digestion to toxin release to libido to stress management. Hmmm. Some claims are questionable and I’m deeply skeptical of a magic pill to cure all that ails but I do believe that proper breathing to be a critical building block in our health.

Breathing serves as the pump for the lymphatic system, just as the heart serves the circulatory system. And a healthy lymphatic system carries away destructive toxins. Slow, rhythmical breathing that properly engages the diaphragm effectively rids the body of carbon dioxide waste and I have little doubt that it acts as a medium for slowing us down and recharging whilst sending signals of calmness throughout our body.

In essence, so many positives..

  • an escape from all the rushing
  • a welcome softening of tight muscles
  • feel calmer and more relaxed
  • experience a grounded and centred-feeling deep inside
  • reduce worry, ease anxiety and help manage panic attacks
  • a sharper, calmer and uncluttered mind will help you make good decisions

Taking a deep breath may just make you think twice about the pace of your life. And that’s healthy.

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