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Beginnings: Eureka Moment  

Fitness Alliance

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Good to Meet You

Welcome, I’m Dane. I’m glad you’re here. Welsh born, Australian citizen and Game of Thrones enthusiast, I’m the owner of TotalFighter fit. 🙂

Qualifications and Professional Membership

  • BSc Joint Major, Human Movement Science and Nutrition, University of Wollongong
  • Boxing Australia, Level 1 Accredited Coach, 2017
  • Combat Sports Authority NSW, Registered 2017
  • An Introduction to Autism, Autism Spectrum of Australia, 2017
  • Parents and Carers Course, Autism Spectrum of Australia, 2017
  • Certificate of Community Coaching (General Principles), AIS, 2016
  • Working with Children Check and Clearance
  • Registered service provider of the NDIS
  • Current First Aid
  • CPR Refresher

Training Experience

With over 25 years training and participating in rugby league, rugby union, cycling, boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I know what works and what doesn’t. I’ve developed and refined 1-on-1 Fight-Style fitness training, drawing on my experience and the evidence-based research of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to maximise benefits.

In short, you’re in capable hands.

Why I Do What I Do

Fight-fitness training is my passion. It’s physically and mentally challenging, awesome for burning calories and taking your fitness to a new level, and can do wonders for your confidence. And you’re learning skills that may just save you from the street thug or school bully. What’s not to like?

From an instructor perspective, teaching someone a new skill is highly rewarding and my continuous-learning approach allows me to grow with my clients. I wake up every day excited to train and train others. There’s always something to learn and ways to improve and the benefits are many.

When you genuinely believe in what you do and you’re passionate about it, people are and drawn to that and its easier to get them to participate again and again. It’s infectious!

me and old dave


The basic human expectations of courage, decency and integrity are my foundation. Additionally, having a sense of purpose and not being afraid of applying a little elbow grease to get the job done score highly. You only get out of life what you put in.

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Good health is impossible to achieve without the right attitude. The key to improving fitness, losing weight or succeeding in life is located inside our head. It’s identifying our motivation and using that motivation to fuel the journey.

Without the right thoughts in our head, we will shun or deny ourselves  movement and nutrition. If you don’t do any sort of physical activity or exercise, you really are doing your mind and body a major disservice. The best protective health measure against lifestyle disease is to get out there and get sweaty. It will help tone down the stress in our lives and keep us level. Attitude really is everything.

On a deeper level, there is Yin and Yang and tempo giusto. There in no right without left. No day without night. No truth without deception. Contrasts in balance. And with balance we hopefully have an harmonious life that moves at the right speed.


As a father, I understand the demands of family commitments and the “busyness” of life.  I understand that training or exercising daily can be difficult or impossible for many. The turbo-treadmill of working, commuting and parenting can absorb the bulk of the day and we can struggle to find “me” time.

Beginnings: Eureka Moment

Eureka! High Intensity Interval Training

In this age of abundance, we seem to have “everything”  but time. Finding it difficult to juggle work, family and “me” time, and not wanting to sacrifice my own health, I looked for a solution to maintain my fitness.

How could I maintain or even improve my fitness when the hours and minutes are so precious and often not available?

I experimented with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Fitness Alliance

In an era progressively dominated by the clock, the “lack” of time that befalls us is one of the reasons I chose HIIT as my training option and that’s why I’m offering it to you. It’s quick and super-effective in delivering results. And when it dawned on me that Fight-Style fitness training is fluid and lends itself to HIIT then to pair the two made sense. Batman and Robin. Thunder and lightening. Salt and Pepper. The ultimate fitness alliance.

The more we understand, the better we can problem solve and find a solution.

TotalFighter Ethos

  • Client Satisfaction and Service with a Powerful Purpose: It’s about the client always. TotalFighter Fit exists to satisfy the client and will do everything in “its” power to add value to the client experience.
  • Patience:  We learn at different speeds. Recognition of this is vital for maximising client progress.
  • Continuous Improvement: Change is essential for growth. I’m always looking to keep improving and raising the bar even it means radical change.
  • Communicate. Communicate. Communicate: Communication in both directions – listening as well as talking.
  • Trust: To act in a manner that instils trust.
  • Integrity: Operate with honesty and the principle of doing the “right” thing.
  • Enthusiasm: When we train, we train with enthusiasm. There is no other way to train.
  • Respect: I will respect your beliefs and time. I trust you offer me the same consideration.
  • Courage: Have the courage to confront the bully but never be the bully.


I do look forward to meeting you. So let’s get started!


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