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Don’t turn Fitness into Groundhog

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Can’t wake up and sluggish? Feeling like you’re stuck in your own time-loop? Weekend over and great effort needed to separate yourself from the mattress? The voice in your head is no help either. It’s not contributing and telling you not to be a blob and get your act together. Damn, you’re running low on energy and empty on motivation. Or maybe you do have a higher purpose this morning, and you’re one of the super-motivated about to pound the pavement or trip it to the local gym but embedded somewhere in the back of your mind, you just know that your fitness routine is Groundhog… it’s a reboot and it’s a struggle. Around the block is boring as bat dung and the treadmill is hardly the stuff of excitement either. Hmmm.

Instead, drum-roll please…

How about feeling like you could conquer the day? And I mean plant-your-flag-and-make-a-statement conquer!

A quick “scuffle” before the cornflakes will do it and I’ll get you feeling stronger, confident and buzzing like a bee. Welcome to TOTALFIGHTER fit.

You don’t have to be interested in fighting to enjoy fight fitness. And you don’t have to worry about getting hit. This is all about getting fit without getting hit. I assure you, the TOTALFIGHTER fit way is non-intimidating. Yes, I will throw the odd punch to help develop your defence but you’ll be fore-warned and you’ll have ample time to block and cover. In fact, knowing a punch or kick is coming sooner or later keep things a little exciting and can help avoid the dreaded dullness that afflicts many fitness routines. Fight fit training is never routine.

One of the great appeals of Fight-Style fitness is the range of movements at our disposal. Variety IS the spice of life and so it applies to our workouts too. Doing the same thing over and over is comfortable for some and excruciating for others. Either way, it comes at a cost. When we perform the same workout repeatedly it becomes easier. We adapt. Our physiology ‘works’ it out and consequently our fitness plateaus. Now, if we can diversify our fitness what a difference that makes as it challenges our mind too. Not knowing what is about to ‘come at you’ next is mentally and physically stimulating.

The on-going variety of Fight Fit means your body has to continually work hard as it expends effort to figure things out. Working hard equals using more energy and hence we burn more calories. If you want to get fit quick and keep improving your fitness then on-going variety is essential.

Spiritually defeated, Groundhog turned Phil Connors suicidal and not for a moment am I suggesting it will have such extreme effects on you but it certainly won’t inspire either.

Get healthy. Eat smart. Train smart.

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