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Huffing and Puffing to keep the Big, Bad Wolf Out

“We are what we think… with our thoughts we make the world.” Buddha

Our minds can contain or release us.
Over 2,500 years back, the Buddha recognised the power of thought in personal transformation. Has our thinking regressed since? Today, far too many of our thoughts are negative, stress related and not conducive to positive outcomes. The dynamics in our grey matter are often road-blocking and anything but enlightened, and can prevent us from moving forward.

As an example, we all recognise that fitness can be a little tough and over half of us think it’s too tough since 1 in 2 adults are classified as inactive. Now, rather than submitting to thoughts of “it’s too hard”, shouldn’t we open our eyes and look for the enormity of gain that lays waiting past the gate of gritted teeth. The gains are there; you just have to know where and how to look.

Granted, it’s not easy to leave a warm bed, rise before the rooster (if you’re hyper-motivated and part of the early-morning brigade, I commend you) and build and build your monolith of fitness but in doing so, it’s worth all the effort as you’ll reap the immense rewards many times over and help keep the big, bad wolf out.

Lifestyle Diseases are Killers

I have no doubt about the power of exercise to transform – physically and mentally. As mentioned in my Health Issues and Solutions page, movement really is medicinal and it will help you rise above the swamp of unhealthy living and self-defeating patterns of behaviour. Now, just in case you’re a non-believer and haven’t got the message that exercise is good for you, here’s a refresher. Exercise can:

Additionally, our digestive and lymphatic (immune) systems work more effectively when we’re active, and it’s no secret that huffing and puffing and panting and perspiring releases endorphins that lift our mood. As a mood booster, exercise is the bacon.

I especially like the enormous ‘emotionals’ of exercise…

I don’t know anyone who leads a stress-free life. Those who struggle getting their ‘shit’ together, over worry or are exposed to high work pressures can gain massively from stressing their body in a movement sense. Working out with grit and pushing yourself physically releases the pressure valve, easing the mind and helps discharge the negative stuff. Post-exercise, you’ll re-inflate with calmness felt deep inside and a fresh perspective. After a hellish time at work, who doesn’t want that?

When I say pushing yourself physically, I’m NOT talking about the extreme exercise seen in reality TV where exploited contestants endure public suffering in the pursuit of crass ‘entertainment’. Watching overweights struggle with sit-ups or push-ups is sad television at best. Such shows hold little interest for me. This modern equivalent of side-show alley perpetuates the belief that extreme exercise, pain, gallons of sweat and tears is their road to weight loss Damascus. Chronic exhaustion and crying your way through a set of punishing whatevers is not the way to success.

Training smart is the path.

And one of the smartest brick paths for us little pigs to take is to combine High Intensity Interval Training with a Fight-Style discipline.

Fit Pig

Fight-Style training is:

  • fast fitness
  • fully functional
  • fantastic for dually freeing fat from your frame and your mind of fog and fears
  • and it’s fun too

Of course, when you’re starting anything new it’s best to start slowly and understand we don’t need to fight train at high intensity every day. In fact once or twice a week is enough. In an earlier blog (An Hour a Day to Keep Death at Bay), I covered this. The latest research suggests that one hour of activity is needed to offset the harmful effects of sitting at a desk all day. And we don’t need to do maximum cardio every day. Walking, yoga and mix it up with weights and cables too. And don’t overtrain. You and I are not Olympians.

The wolf can knock anytime. To keep him out and safeguard ourselves from disease, sensible lifestyle decisions and a solid foundation of health is needed. It’s not about being Peter Perfect but we do need to be more mobile and if we can combine that increase in mobility with at least one weekly heart-and-lung taxing session then so much the better. No need to overdo it. Know your limits and be kind to your body. Just get moving. Do it.

Trust me, you’ll thank your thoughts and feel better for doing so.

Get healthy. Eat smart. Train smart.

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