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Welcome to Totalfighter fit club

Fighting turns down the volume on the rest of your life insists the narrator from Fight Club (1999). I couldn’t agree more. 

Before you start thinking nonconformist subcultures and secret handshakes, and switch off, have a little faith and stay with me. I’m not suggesting we establish a hidden society and go berserk cracking ribs, dislocating shoulders and spilling blood in dimly lit places of sweat and bare-knuckle rage. No, no. no. TOTALFIGHTER fit is getting you fit without getting hit. And in doing so, we’ll likely get your volume down too.

Every person I’ve fight-trained with over the years has been grounded, respectful and aggression-free. Have I been lucky? Perhaps. Of course, it’s foolish to think that all Fight-Style participants fight the good fight and are Mother Teresa or Gandhi incarnate. There’s a bad apple in every barrel. But I truly believe that pushing yourself hard, especially in a controlled combat format, smooths the edge off your anxiety and that’s big time calming.

There are many reasons why I chose and continue to train Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. One dominant reason is the stress relieving. After a session on the Thai (or focus mitt) pads or grappling it out, I feel drained but paradoxically purified. My volume has been adjusted in a good way. Fight-Style training turns down the volume and ticks plenty more boxes too. Come with me and let’s open them…

Fight-Style HIIT: Leading the Way

Intimidating and Scary?

Combative Training

Functional Fitness: No More Hamster Wheel Running

No More Hamster Wheel Running

Electrifying Conditioning

Knock Out Stress

Incinerate Calories: EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption)

So Many Good Things

For You and For Everyone

And Finally: Protect Yourself and Others with Purposeful training


Fight-Style HIIT: Leading the Way

Self-defence and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) are leading the way with fitness enthusiasts. And when you pair self-defence with HIIT you get Fight Style HIIT.

Self-defence + HIIT = Fight-style HIIT.

Intimidating and Scary?

For those fearful to try and have the wrong idea and visualise hyper-masculine strikes to the face, nose bleeds and harum-scarum stuff, you can relax. TOTALFIGHTER fit is not about bowing to our wild instincts or bestial impulses.

My Fight-Style training is toning and losing body fat, developing super-cardio and improving your confidence and self-defence skills. All good, non-threatening things.

I’ve touched on the benefits here so have a look if you haven’t already done so.

Moving on ….

Combative Training

Combative or Fight-Style training such as…

…is highly-adaptive and is the perfect fit for HIIT workouts.

Functional Fitness: No More Hamster Wheel Running

Happy to do the body pump class thing and pound the treadmill? Go for it, just be careful…

Doing something is much better than nothing. However, if you really want to recharge your run-of-the-mill cardio routine, make every workout a new experience and train with a purpose, here’s your chance. You can move beyond the jog slog and end the endless dullness of going-to-nowhere…

  • No more boring step classes
  • No more clock-watching on the agonising treadmill
  • No more watching the same music videos loop over and over to pass the time on the stationary cycle or rowing machine
  • No more working in the same plane of motion that does nothing for balance or co-ordination

Exercise evolution is threatening to send the old-fashioned road run and mind-numbingly dispiriting machines into extinction. HIIT is quite simply “better” exhaustion. And when paired with Fight-Style training, the fit is just about perfect.

Business man wearing boxing gloves: Fight-Style and High Intensity Interval Training is The Right Fit

1-on-1 High-Intensity Cardio-Combat training is all the things that you should expect from quality exercise:

  • heart-pounding and lung-busting
  • metabolism-boosting
  • fat-burning and oxygen-ravenous

It will put the “fizz” back into your “soda-water”. It’s:

  • real
  • interactive
  • exciting
  • challenging (you never stop learning)
  • and there’s no pressure to get inside the ring / cage

Electrifying Conditioning

Punching, kicking, grappling etc in a correct way is a highly effective means of shocking and manipulating your body into working out hard. Think about it…

With the diversity of muscles used, you’ll get full-body conditioning and high-voltage results other forms of training cannot provide.

Electrifying Conditioning

Knock Out Stress

Uptight? Tense? Bad stuff brewing and building up? Purge with me. You can make the rest of your life more peaceful with maximum-capacity exercise. Working out smart and hard not only builds feel-good fitness and character, you’ll experience emotional release as you work out the gunk and debris that stress and hormones leave behind. And that’s huge in today’s frenzied lifestyle when so many of us feel overwhelmed and overloaded and over-think it.

Incinerate Calories: EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption)

Become hot. You’ll burn calories like a demon for hours after training courtesy of the ‘afterburn’ effect. During your workout, your oxygen consumption will go gangbusters resulting in EPOC.

Metabolism on Fire

So Many Good Things

With my 1-on-1 Fight-Style training and tuition, the good is many…

  • challenge your muscles and your mind
  • fine-tune your co-ordination and balance
  • faster metabolism
  • lose fat
  • tone, look and feel better
  • gain confidence
  • more energy to conquer every day
  • no gym fees and no wasted memberships
  • no gym crowds and no intimidating atmosphere
  • no egos, no mirrors and no judging
  • no need to feel daunted and out of place in a group fitness class

For You and For Everyone

Anyone can Fight-Style train…

  • maybe you’ve been a non-believer and never trained or exercised before
  • a long-hours worker who doesn’t have time or easy access to a gym
  • a stay at home mum looking to get fit
  • or the dude who feels vulnerable and needing a boost of much-needed confidence whilst developing self-defence and co-ordination skills, it doesn’t matter

TOTALFIGHTER fit transcends gender and age.

And Finally: Protect Yourself and Others with Purposeful training

This is a major league box we all should open…

You owe it to yourself to be prepared. It may be one of the disciplines I teach viz. boxing, Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or some other stream of self-defence. It matters little. Get out there and do something. Life has a knack of hitting us hard when we least expect. And if you’ve trained purposefully and accrued self-defence skills and fitness, you’ll be calmer and better equipped if you happen to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight.

Stay safe out there. Be an opponent not a victim.

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