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Health: Our Most Prized Asset

Hello and welcome to my first post.

I’m Dane, the owner of TOTALFIGHTER fit. I’m a tertiary qualified movement trainer (personal trainer) and dietitian, offering fitness, self-defence, weight loss and stress therapy solutions.

Working from both Wollongong and Sydney, my services include:

The Fight-style disciplines that I teach are:

My blogs will / may:

  1. Educate, update and inform you on issues and fresh insights related to the health and fitness industry, and / or
  2. Remind you of the importance of healthy living. We all know the most important possession we have is our health AND with my help, you’ll be motivated to do good things for your well being, and / or
  3. Carry an opinion that may possibly entertain, maybe enrage and perhaps enlighten 🙂
Woman getting fit outside

Ok, with that out of the way, if you ignore or pay little attention to their health and fitness ie. less fit than you could be… your quality of living suffers and longer-term you can sacrifice years from your life.

The strong link between making poor choices and LIFESTYLE DISEASES such as diabetes and heart disease is well documented. And as we age that link solidifies. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

For those that prioritise fitness, nutrition and supplementation they’re better able to fulfil their dreams of enjoying their retirement years. And that’s how it should be.

Fit for Life: Couple enjoying retirement

Your health really is your most prized asset. Doing your utmost to protect it and make it last and like well-looked after superannuation it will help provide quality of life and happy living.

Get healthy. Eat smart. Train smart.

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