Fitness, Self-Defence, Weight Loss

Personal / fitness trainer and dietitian in Wollongong (Balgownie) and Drummoyne specialising in boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

I help people become fitter, stronger and more confident with fight fitness training.

My solutions and services to help you reshape your life include:

Beginner-friendly, I cater for all fitness needs and abilities and have a pricing structure to suit. There’s no-sign up fee or lock-in contract.

I’ll make you feel at ease and comfortable in an environment that encourages and reassures. You won’t be overawed or feel intimidated. There’s nothing to fear.  It’s all about making you feel at ease and allowing you to be yourself.

And for the mums and dads that are busy looking after little people and cannot visit me, I can come to you. I offer a mobile service. All you need is a little space, a little time and a willingness to better your fitness and improve your health.

Fight-Style Fitness  

TOTALFIGHTER will kick-start your fitness and then we’ll get it roaring!!

The fitness tools that I believe in, and am passionate about, are Fight-Style fitness and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Fight fitness training was life-changing for me and it can be for you too. Training delivered in a High Intensity and Interval based format delivers fantastic fitness and fat-burning benefits plus you’re learning self-defence skills and gaining confidence as you progress.

My non-intimidatory fight-style training and teaching includes:-

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Low self-esteem can shut us down and cause us much pain. TOTALFIGHTER can help relieve that pain. Learning how to protect yourself in a controlled and non-intimidating way can seriously enhance your confidence and self-belief.

Weight Loss

Diets don’t work long term. My weight loss approach is designed for people who are sick and tired of dieting and seek freedom from food rules and restrictions. Mine is the triple M approach…

  • mindset
  • movement
  • and mindful eating

I believe the key to weight loss is to get your head straight, think before you eat and develop a deeper appreciation and recognition of the sensations of hunger and fullness. Calorie counting and the latest fad or gimmick can only serve to frustrate and fail you; then comes the guilt and we can turn to food for comfort. And so the cycle perpetuates.

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Stress Therapy

Stress. We all experience it. In the crazy-busy chaos of our high-speed and ever-accelerating lifestyles, “everywhere” stress can infiltrate and impact our life.

Common stress management strategies include yoga, meditation and exercise. Each has merits and if you have the time and desire, all three can open up pathways to managing stress. To self-manage my stress and provide the same for clients, as an adjunct to Fight-Style training, I employ a lesser known and often underestimated way to bring a little calmness into the chaos of our lives…

Proper breathing (aka stomach or belly breathing).

Proper breathing helps slow you down and that can be welcome in a world where so much is so fast that we barely have time to catch our breath. Physiologically, it helps engage the tiny blood vessels found deep in the lungs which means more oxygen-rich air for the whole body. It’s beauty lies in its simplicity. Just breathe.

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Take Home Advice

People who have the greatest success in attaining and maintaining fitness, losing weight and keeping it off are those who “fall in love” with the process. They experiment with new foods and new ways to move, get fit and manage stress.

Don’t be afraid to try new things and educate yourself. Even the smallest and seemingly insignificant actions / changes can have far reaching consequences.

Ready to get-fit quick, lose weight and de-stress?

Still unsure? Commonly asked questions?

Contact me and together we’ll get you in shape, find that path to a healthier lifestyle and unleash your confidence so it can soar ! fists

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